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So, this has been on my mind recently, and it's really bugging me! I am so upset as to why people think video games are bad for you! I've been wanting to write a rant about this for so long!

So, parents believe that violent video games cause aggression in kids, and they have 'scientific studies' to back them up. If this 'study' is true, then who do we blame? The company? The child? No. We blame the parent.

Here's why.

 Violent video games are meant for mature adults. Not 7 year old children who forced their mom to buy CoD: Ghosts are gamestop. And frankly, gamers in that community dislike those kids a lot! I should know. I play GMod and the kids are absolutely annoying. Here's a question for all of you: How did these kids get their hands on this game?

I believe parents should be monitoring their children while they are playing a video game. Keep track of what your child is experiencing through this game play. What is your kid gonna learn from what he/she is seeing through that TV screen? What is your child hearing through those headphones?

 Here's a tip to handle this. Read.

You need to read what the game is about. Check the ESRB rating EVERY time. E games are fine for everyone. They're perfect for kids. In my opinion, E10+ games are still good. Now we get in to the big boy zone. T games. This part gets tricky. Now you need to flip the case, and read what 'violence' is in the game. If it's blood and gore, it's not okay for a child's eyes. If it's mature violence, then it's not okay. Notice the word mature. That's a very important word in this rant.

 Most children aren't mature enough to play most games. You can even see it in GTAV's title! "Grand THEFT Auto". Which word in that title sticks out the most, hm? Are you sure you want to see you kid beat up and steal another person's car? This might seem like the most logical thing to do, but people bypass this ALL the time.

 Now, you might be questioning, if video games aren't bad for you, then are they good for you?

 There have been studies that playing Super Mario 64 increased people's engineering skills. It is also said that gamers have a less chance of having nightmares than regular people. To be honest, I haven't had a nightmare in a loooooooong time! It also makes the player sleepy, just in time for bed. No more waiting to fall asleep :-)

 One more thing. If a person can't afford/doesn't want to buy a video game, then they'll most likely see game play for it on Youtube or Twitch or something. I think parent should monitor this too as they child may still learn what they shouldn't be learning for a while.

 Overall, I think video games can cause unwanted effects to a person, BUT it can also be prevented with a little bit of common sense and care.


Hey guys! Thanks for reading through my rant! I know it might be annoying, but I needed to put it out there. I'm pretty sure no parent will ever see this, but this was something that I need to get off my chest for personal reasons. Better to write it out then to yell it out, right? lol

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to Defense Grid: The Awakening :D
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I like his Zelda month thing he does every November. I also really like the LoZ series and he gives out a lot of cool content about it.

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